mrktwtchr started out as a script I wrote to watch for new posts that hit r/mechmarket and alert me when a specific keyset went up for sale. I couldn't check frequently enough while at work and missed a few opportunities. I realized this might be something others could benefit from, so I set out and built mrktwtchr. I hope you find it useful!



Watchers are exactly what they sound like, little minions that fervently scan mechmarket/new for whatever it is you're looking for. You specify a search keyword or keywords, choose a flair filter, click 'Add' and your Watcher is hard at work... and, now, so are you :). That's it.


When a Match is found, it'll be added to your dashboard for viewing and we will send you a notification with a link to the post.

Premium Features

To offset the costs of running this service, I've added a 'premium' set of features and functionality for Subscribers. $1 per month or $10 for the year will enable those features. They include additional notification methods and additional watchers with more to come soon.

Moar Watchers

On the free tier, you can have one Watcher, Subscribers can have up to ten. If you need more than that, let me know.


Reddit PM and email notifications are available to free tier, Subscribers can choose from Reddit PM, Discord DM, email, paper airplane*, or smoke signal*, with more to come soon. If you'd like to see something other than those, drop a note in the suggestion box and I'll see what I can do.

Planned Features

There are some, I swear. Keep an eye on the Announcement channel in the mrktwtchr Discord server for, well, announcements.


All of your data are mine!

Kidding! I don't ask for much. You'll authenticate to mrktwtchr with your Reddit account and I need only your Reddit identity (username and id). If you're not okay with sharing that, use a throwaway.

We use cookies to maintain your session after you log in. By using mrktwtchr, you consent to these cookies.

* Smoke signals and paper airplanes have a limited effective distance at this time. No estimated date of completion for the paper airplane and smoke signal relay network.